Responsible Care
At Kuraray Asia Pacific, we are committed to the health and safety of our employees, protection of our environment and the communities in which we operate, and the well-being of our partners and customers. As a signatory member of Responsible Care ® in the Singapore Chemical Industry Council, we fully support the Guiding Principles and Codes of Management Practice of Responsible Care ® and rely on them as the foundation for continual improvements and sustainability in our business.

The Six Responsible Care ® Codes of Management Practice are

1. Community Awareness and Emergency Response

We openly communicate with the community about safety, health and the environmental aspects of our plant operations. We ensure that each facility has an emergency preparedness and can respond rapidly and effectively to emergencies.

2. Distribution

We seek to prevent harm to the public or environment posed by the storage, handling, and transportation of chemicals by evaluating and eliminating risks and providing emergency response support in the event of a chemical distribution emergency.

3. Employee Health and Safety

We identify and assess hazards, prevent unsafe conditions and foster training and communications in order to protect the health and safety of those who work or visit our facilities.

4. Pollution Prevention

Our goal is to reduce or even eliminate waste materials and emissions at our plants by improving processes and procedures and by strict operational controls.

5. Process Safety

We strive to prevent accidents and hazardous situations by ensuring that our facilities are designed, built, operated and maintained according to sound practices, and reviewed periodically for conformance.

6. Product Stewardship

We make health, safety and environmental protection a priority in the development of new products and processes so that the chemicals we produce can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of safely.

We achieve operational excellence and reliability through the integration of the Guiding Principles and Codes of Management Practice of Responsible Care ® into the way we operate and work with our contractors, suppliers and customers.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we continue to renew our commitment to the public through outreach activities, and by proactively communicating with our surrounding communities on any public safety and health concerns.