New Water Soluble Polymer

a system of PVOH developed by KURARAY

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) plays an important role as a protective colloid for the emulsion polymerization of vinyl acetate (VAc), and the performance of PVAc (polyvinyl acetate) emulsion is strongly influenced by the characteristics of PVOH. KURARAY has recently developed a new water soluble polymer EXCEVAL™, which is a system of PVOH. EXCEVAL™ has the following characteristics as a protective colloid for PVAc emulsion.

Advanced characteristics of EXCEVAL™
  • In the polymerization process;
  • - Excellent emulsifying power,
  • - Excellent polymerization stability,
  • Performance of the emulsion;
  • - Higher water resistance,
  • - Excellent storage stability at low              temperature,
  • - Lower stuctural viscosity,
  • - Excellent adhesive properties for              wood and paper