the ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer resins

EVAL™ EVOH is the registered trademark for the ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer resins manufactured and marketed by Kuraray since 1972.

EVAL™ EVOH resins are characterized by their excellent processability and outstanding barrier properties. The key to this remarkable balance is the combination of the proper copolymerization ratio of ethylene to vinyl alcohol and the unique proprietary manufacturing process used in the production of EVAL™ EVOH copolymers.

Food and Beverages

Due to their superior barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide, flavors and aromas, EVAL™ EVOH resins are commonly used as a functional barrier in food and beverage packaging.


Multilayer cosmetic packages using an EVAL™ EVOH layer will considerably enhance the preservability of fragrances and ensure that the cosmetic agents maintain their quality and effectiveness over a long period of time.


Outstanding gas barrier and resistance against oil and chemical agents are two properties of EVAL™ EVOH that make it very suitable for different industrial applications, such as under-floor-heating pipes and chemical packaging bottles.


The excellent gas barrier properties of EVAL™ EVOH ensure a minimal evaporation of fuel gases from plastic fuel tanks and pipes, facilitating compliance with strict regulatory emission standards.

For more information, please visit http://www.evalevoh.com/apen.




an amazing balance of properties for retort food packaging

Kuraray Co. Ltd. has developed its own proprietary barrier technology and created KURARISTER™, a new film with an amazing balance of properties for retort food packaging.

For more information, please visit www.kurarister.com.