Corporate Social Responsibility
Our Corporate Mission :
We in the Kuraray Group are committed to opening new fields of business using pioneering technology and contributing to an improved natural environment and quality of life.
Kuraray’s Principles of Business Conduct of ensuring that the business activities are in harmony with the environment and society provide the basis for charting our CSR framework.

We, Kuraray Asia Pacific, recognize that CSR is not just about the business doing well but also doing good for the society. That means, taking positive actions and acting responsibly and professionally with our business partners and stakeholders for a sustainable relationship. By balancing profits and principles, we demonstrate sensitivity and respect for people, communities and the environment through the various CSR activities.
Areas   Objectives
Ethics & Compliance : Compliance with all regulatory requirements both local & overseas in the respective areas of business.
Environment   : Compliance with all regulatory and environmental requirements.
Preserve the environment through reduction of waste in utilities and practise 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).
Economic Development & Business Community : Host plant visits to students to provide an insight into the Chemical industry.
Internship for students.
Participate in exhibitions, events and forums to develop the industry.
Community     : Encourage employees to take initiatives and participate in community work, community events, involvement in fund-raising and disaster situations.